SPP1324 Book project

The flyer for the book of SPP1234 can be downloaded here.

Informations for the second phase of the SPP1324

Here you will find official information concerning the second phase of the SPP1324. The documents are provided in german language. Please take care that your application fulfills all directives given in the announcment.

SPP1324 Beamertemplate

We would like to offer you the possibility to use a priority programm theme for your Latex beamer presentations. The template was originally created by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Thorsten Raasch for marburgs numerics and optimization workgroup. Later themes for the application in the priority program were added. After the installation you will have access to different Latex beamer themes, including thoses of the coordination project and those of project number 4 and 5. How you can adapt these themes to your project is explained in the installation guide.

SPP1324 Bibliography

We would like to offer you the possibility to use a collective Latex bibliography. After the extraction of the zip archive you will have access to the Bibtex files. The Bibtex-key convention in the bibliography is the following: First three(four for names starting with "Sch") letters of up to three author names, whereas a + indicates more than three authors, followed by the 4 digit year of publication. For letters at the end to ensure unique keys: the first occurrence without any letters, the second with "b", the third with "c"....


We would like to cordially thank Ulrich Friedrich for the design of the SPP 1324-Logo. You can download the logo in raster- and vector-graphics format and use them in your own documents, posters, etc.:

Raster Graphics/Preview Vector Graphics
Color logo, Black fonts Logo in color with black fonts (svg/eps/pdf)
Color logo, White fonts Logo in color with white fonts (svg/eps/pdf)
Grey logo, Black fonts Logo in grey with black fonts (svg/eps/pdf)


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