Poster of Workshops and Conferences


22th Rhein-Main-Arbeitskreis in Marburg


RMAK20-small RMAK21-small JT13-small
20th Rhein-Main-Arbeitskreis in Frankfurt 21th Rhein-Main-Arbeitskreis in Mainz 5th Annual Meeting in Eisenach


RMAK18-small CompStoch-small RMAK19-small
18th Rhein-Main-Arbeitskreis in Darmstadt Workshop on Computational Stochastics in Annweiler 19th Rhein-Main-Arbeitskreis in Mannheim
SeisMath-small ESI2012-small JT12-small
Mathematical Models in Seismology in L'Aquila, Italy ESI 2012: Wavelet Methods in Scientific Computing 4th Annual Meeting in Eisenach


RMAK16-small HDA2011-small RMAK17-small
16th Rhein-Main-Arbeitskreis in Siegen 4th Workshop on High-Dimensional Approximation 17th Rhein-Main-Arbeitskreis in Kaiserslautern
HIM Trimester 2011 Macha Workshop 2011 Rough Paths Workshop 2011
HIM Trimester Program in Bonn Macha Workshop in Marburg Rough Paths Workshop in Marburg
3rd Annual Meeting in Eisenach


RMAK14-small NAP10-small RMAK15-small
14th Rhein-Main-Arbeitskreis in Darmstadt Workshop "Nonlinear Approximation" in Marburg 15th Rhein-Main-Arbeitskreis in Mainz
Levy2010SummerSchool-small Levy2010-small NASPDE2010-small
Lévy Summer School in Braunschweig 6th International Conference of Lévy Processes in Dresden Workshop "Compressed Sensing, Sparsity and Inverse Problems" in Braunschweig
NASPDE2010-small JT10-small
Workshop "Numerical Analysis of Stochastic PDE" in Freiberg 2nd Annual Meeting in Eisenach


TdWR09-small HDA09-small RMAK13-small
"Day of Scientific Computation" in Marburg 3rd Workshop "High Dimensional Approximation" in Sydney 13th Rhein-Main-Arbeitskreis in Marburg
SPDE09-small JT09-small
Workshop "Stochastic PDE" in Darmstadt 1st Annual Meeting in Berlin


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